Call for Participation

CSCW 2006, the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, is the premier venue for presenting research and development achievements in the design, introduction, and use of technology that affect groups, organizations, communities and societies. Although work is an important area of focus for the conference, technology is increasingly supporting a wide range of recreational and social activities. As more and more people in all regions of the globe are able to interact online we are rapidly moving toward a Computer Supported Collaborative World.

Appropriate topic areas for CSCW 2006 include all contexts in which technology is used to mediate human activities such as communication, coordination, cooperation, competition, entertainment, education, medicine, art, and music. The technology may include: email, instant messaging, blogs, shared workspaces, teleconferencing, games, co-located systems, robotics, haptics, and much more.

Given its broad scope, CSCW is a multi-disciplinary conference, and participation of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and perspectives is strongly encouraged. We welcome submissions from researchers and practitioners in all sectors, including academia, industry and government.

Topics of interest include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Innovations and experiences with Intranets, the Internet, WWW
  • Innovative installations: CSCW and the arts
  • Innovative technologies and architectures to support group activity, awareness and telepresence
  • Social and organizational effects of introducing technologies
  • Theoretical aspects of coordination and communication
  • Methodologies and tools for design and analysis of collaborative practices
  • Ethnographic and case studies of work practice
  • Working with and through collections of heterogeneous technologies
  • Emerging issues for global systems
  • Studies exploring the appropriate balance between individual and collaborative work.
  • Systems for emergency preparedness and large-scale rapid deployment (e.g. disaster relief)
  • Reflections on the last 20 years and future directions for CSCW

Use the links at the left to learn more about the CSCW 2006 participation categories and how to prepare a submission.

New this year, CSCW will be running SIGCHI Best Awards programs for the Papers and Notes submission categories. These awards will recognize the most outstanding submissions in these categories.