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ACM CSCW Conferences

  • CSCW 2008, San Diego, California
  • CSCW 2004, Chicago, Illinois
  • CSCW 2002, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • CSCW 2000, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • CSCW '98, Seattle, Washington
  • CSCW '96, Boston, Massachusetts
  • CSCW '94, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • CSCW '92, Toronto, Canada
  • CSCW '90, Los Angeles, California
  • CSCW '88, Portland, Oregon
  • CSCW '86, Austin, Texas

Proceedings from past CSCW conferences are available through the ACM Digital Library.

European CSCW Conferences

Every other year, a CSCW conference is held in Europe. Past ECSCW conferences include:

Other Forthcoming or Recent Conferences of Interest

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